COMMENT OF THE DAY #90 FINAL EPISODE #5 Receiving an appointment as Chair is an honour + a reflection of confidence in your ability to handle the many different expectations of being in charge. It is a combination of two matters — first, your inherent character + reputation for fairness. Very important. People who play games or who lack integrity do not make the grade. Second, the technical expectations — being in charge, being ahead not behind, getting on with fellow arbitrators, proposing next steps, drafting directions, drafting the award, being professional from start to finish. A Chair needs mental stamina. Be alert. Be aware. Think outwards. Consult. Listen + Act. You will be challenged — by the appointing authority, by fellow arbitrators, by the parties and — if there is a hearing — by the advocates. The advocates have their agenda. They want to do their best for their client. Their case has strengths + weaknesses — as they do as advocates. Do you see the whole picture? Are you aware of the different aspects? I stress stamina. It is a marathon not a sprint. Keep at it. Finally — being a Chair is very fulfilling. Enjoy the responsibility.

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