TAIWAN IS NOT AN INDEPENDENT STATE GOOD MORNING FROM LONDON #211 7 MAY 2021 It is 1945 in the UK. The War in Europe is over. Hitler is dead. There is a General Election. Churchill loses. He refuses to accept defeat + flees to the Isle of Wight, holds up the Union Jack + says that the Election result is a fraud + that he will run the UK from the Isle of Wight. He gets the US/European allies to recognise the “new UK”. He takes seats at international bodies as the PM of the Isle of Wight. He receives considerable funding from the US + begins to build up local industry. London is the actual government but the rest of the world goes with Churchill. The UK is exhausted by the war + needs to re-grow. The new Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, decides not to invade the IOW. Now think about China + Taiwan. Until 1971 the world insulted China by recognising Taiwan as China. China decided not to invade to recover Taiwan — it, too, was war exhausted but China has never given up its right to regard Taiwan as its own territory. Territorial integrity matters — doesn’t it? So why is US increasing its support to Taiwan? Hastags! #biden #cbbc #cccuk #chathamhouse #nivern #politics #sacu #sovereignty #territory #xijinping, #biden #cbbc #chathamhouse #DailyComments #politics #sacu Visit My Blog https://grahamperryonchina.com/


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Graham Perry

Graham Perry

My understanding of China is dethatched, objective and informed unlike most other commentators who political prejudices invade their writings.