MORE ON CHINA’S ROVER GOOD MORNING FROM LONDON #221 17 MAY 2021 The FT today makes a naive plea for the US + China to put aside strategic rivalries # work together on cooperation in space. “Naive” because the US + China are involved in a Big Power confrontation. The US is #1 today + #2 tomorrow. The US wants to limit, curtail, impede China’s advance because it struggles big time with losing its #1 status. Co-operation in space will happen but will be limited — focusing on space debris + avoidance of orbital collisions. In addition to Rover On Mars, China, last month, launched the first part of a permanent space station +, as the FT predicts, Beijing will send astronauts to the Moon. China has 150 companies vying to build extra-terrestrial intelligence + services. Space is no longer “the province of all mankind”. It’s driven by national security concerns + commercial imperatives — Xinjiang+the Uighurs; Taiwan; S China Sea; Hong Kong; + Belt + Road Initiative — now add Space. There are two options — Cooperation or Confrontation. The more the US refuses to accept the rise of China, the more every aspect of world contact will be about US/China confrontation Hastags! #biden #confrontation #cooperation #jacques #peace #starmer #War #xijinping, #biden #chinapolitics #DailyComments #News #usa #xijinping Visit My Blog

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