The US State Department has issued its Annual Human Rights Report + has repeated its accusation that China is committing genocide and has also raised concerns about Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and Venezuela. But the Report has been accused of selectivity. For example, the US continues with its $1.3bn annual security assistance to Egypt which is ruled by a bulging military that carries out massive human rights abuses. He, also, failed to cancel the planned sale of F-35 fighter jets + other advanced weapons to the United Arab Emirates which will trigger a new regional arms race with more human casualties. The Biden intention is not to infuse US Foreign Policy with human rights considerations but to go after China. This is the #1 issue for the US. It has to obstruct, restrict, interfere with China’s remorseless progress to becoming the largest economic power in the world. It cannot be allowed to happen — a Communist economy trumping the top Capitalist economy. Biden may make reference to other countries but his prime target is China. The US is so used to being #1. It cannot contemplate becoming #2. The US is desperate. Hastags! #biden #politics #xijinping, #biden #politics #xijinping Visit My Blog

My understanding of China is dethatched, objective and informed unlike most other commentators who political prejudices invade their writings.