HUAWEI MAKES PROGRESS GOOD MORNING FROM LONDON #220 The FT’s James Kynge reports that governments in Africa/Latin America + Asia are hiring Chinese tech group for cloud infrastructure + e-government services — 70 deals with 41 countries from 2006 to April 2021. The information comes from US think-tank CSIS. The technology applies to the installation of data centres, + automating administrative functions such as licensing, health care, legal records + other government processes. CSIS states “it is clear that warnings against Huawei’s security risks are not persuading decision-makers in developing countries” Scare stories persist that Huawei hacks the computer systems it installs. China denies the allegations +Huawei is always growing. US/UK hopes to isolate China — make it the bad boy of international development, force it to change but is the world taking note? Some countries are — the West — but the developing world wants more of China, not less. China is on a path of progress + expansion. Each country can choose for itself; Join In or Miss Out. Hastags! #biden #chinapolitics #chinatrade #csis #hjs #jawjaw #martinjacques #notwarwar #peternolan #starmer #vincecable #xijinping, #biden #chinapolitics #starmer #xijinping Visit My Blog


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Graham Perry

Graham Perry

My understanding of China is dethatched, objective and informed unlike most other commentators who political prejudices invade their writings.