HONG KONG + SELECTIVE INDIGNATION GOOD MORNING FROM LONDON #176 The Western media is always selective in its choice of facts re Xinjiang and ‘Genocide’. The same applies to HK. The media and foreign governments have a purpose — they want to show China as anti-democratic + brutal + unyielding. The media always overlooks the violence of the attack on the Legco Building. They want to convey the impression that the street protests were restrained + dignified. They are very selective. Every night the police were confronted by stone-throwing, Molotov cocktail throwing HK people hoping to provoke the intervention of the PLA. The film of 6 January in Washington is regularly shown on Western TV — nothing about the invasion + destruction of the Legco in HK. Also, do you notice how silent the Western governments were — focusing only on ‘peaceful protestors”. There are two sides to HK. There are two sides to Xinjiang + Genocide. Eyes wide open. Hastags! #cbbc #cccuk #cgtn #hsinhua #jacques #nolan #patten #politics #starmer, #cbbc #cccuk #DailyComments #politics #starmer Visit My Blog https://grahamperryonchina.com/


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