Estate Agent Partnership mediation

You remember the conundrum re the Estate Agent Partnership mediation — see Saturday 20 March. There may be a chance of peace + reconciliation. 2 of the 3 partners are interested + also the departing partner. The problem is the third partner who wants blood on the carpet. What do you do? What initiative can you take? You start by getting the 3 partners together but you get nowhere. All are tight-lipped. Clearly, there is a story and you need to get to the bottom of it.

You suggest you meet with just the stubborn 1 partner of the 3. Agreed. You do and a story emerges. The woman partner knows that the departing partner has been unfaithful to his wife — who also happens to be a good friend of the woman partner. Sensitive stuff. Toxic in fact. She wants him out but the other partners, both strapped for cash, prefer reconciliation to a payout.

The good news is that you have some movement. The bad news? — you have a way to go. But how to handle it without the whole thing blowing up?

Wait for the next instalment on Thursday 25 March

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