CHINA AND THE UIGHURS GRAHAM PERRY MARCH 2021 This article focuses on allegations that China has committed genocide and forced sterilisation against the Uighurs in order to reduce/eliminate the Uighur population. In the article, I look at the evidence — from Adrian Zenz, the BBC, and the personal testimony of Uighur women asserting that they are victims of sexual attack. I also look at the wider picture; the geopolitical significance of the rise of China and the decline of the US; the different political systems in the UK and China; and the parallels with the Holocaust having regard to the comments of UK Jewish leaders about the Uighurs. I focus on the widely repeated Uighur detention figure of “one million” — see David Aaronovitch in the Times of 25 February 2021 and Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian of 27 February 2021 — and explore the origins of the 1m figure. I also evaluate the personal background and the specific allegations of genocide made by Adrian Lenz, the originator of much of the material that appears in the media. This is not a short article. It cannot be. The topic is too significant to be dismissed with a few numbers and a few generalisations. I have attached three links that take the reader to additional information. The context is significant here. The current media focus is, in fact, on China. China has surprised the capitals of the world with its progress. Its people have prosperity undreamed of by their parents and grandparents. Looking ahead, and with standards improving, Beijing has to work hard to keep control of the people’s expectations but it will soon eclipse the US as the leading world economic power. And now to the nub. China, says the West, needs to be brought to heel. It needs to be taken down a step or two. That can only be achieved by economic boycott — or a “de-coupling” of the major economies from China It is no coincidence that the spate of anti-China articles on the Uighurs has occurred as China’s economic rise has become so remorseless. The US, with help from the UK and others, is determined to stunt China’s economic growth. China must be “put in its place” and that is the overarching scenario in which the allegations of genocide and forced sterilisation are to be viewed. GRAHAM PERRY MARCH 2021 Hastags! , #china #Featured Visit My Blog


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Graham Perry

Graham Perry

My understanding of China is dethatched, objective and informed unlike most other commentators who political prejudices invade their writings.