Remember the New Narrative. China is a threat to the West, to Taiwan, to the Uighurs, to Hong Kong, to the South-East nations. China is on the move. It has just launched a new aircraft carrier. It is working hard on its new Space Station. It wants world domination. Its businessmen + women are cheats. Its diplomats are liars. China wants to rule the world. Its Belt+Road Initiative is merely a trap to lure unwitting borrowers into big debts thereby allowing China to seize their assets; China is genocidal. It kills off Uighurs at will (despite clear evidence that the Uighur population in Xinjiang has grown from 10m to 12m).

Reds are under the Beds Everywhere. They steal blueprints; they bribe foreign government officials. They infiltrate overseas universities. They are listening, recording, filming everywhere they set up base and in China, too, with an expanding DNA database as the New York Times today claims. All Chinese companies are merely surveillance operations of the Communist Party + remain in overseas countries to acquire more information for the purpose of buying influence + control and reporting back to Beijing. This is the new Anti-China narrative.

The new thrust of anti-China propaganda was launched by President Trump + Secretary of State Pompeo with two initiatives — the first was the imposition of tariffs on China’s imports into the US. The second was Pompeo’s assertion that China was guilty of genocide. China was now Enemy #1. And De-Coupling became the new policy — detach from China; create such havoc + hardship and overthrow the Communist Party leadership; install Western democracy and make the world safe from the Marxist experiment. And more.

Now the real world — we do live in quite unique times. The balance of power is changing + a new multi-polar system is coming into existence. The US is on the back foot + China is on the front foot. But China, though growing in influence + contribution does not seek the US status, US role or US function. So, recognise the change that is underway + begin to enquire about the new arrangement of world power + influence that will come in its place. It is .


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Graham Perry

Graham Perry

My understanding of China is dethatched, objective and informed unlike most other commentators who political prejudices invade their writings.