CARBON NEUTRALITY BY 2060? GOOD MORNING FROM LONDON #198 President Xi Jinping has called for “unprecedented action and ambition” to tackle climate change. Some critics think this is “window dressing” without any real intent. In December 2020, Xi told the Climate Ambition Summit that by 2030 China would reduce carbon intensity — a measure of emissions relative to GDP — by over 65% + raise energy generated by non-fossil fuels from 20% to 25%. Xi also pledged to increase China’s forest cover by 6bn cu sq mts. + increase wind+solar energy capability to at least 1.2bn kwatts to 2031. Additionally, coal consumption would be phased down from 2026. Important promises. Public relations talk? No — this is real. Xi wants to succeed/has to succeed/will succeed. A lot turns on fulfilling promises. Climate diplomacy reflects Xi’s push for multilateralism + China’s leadership role in the world. Success matters. Example? Shaanxi Provincial Party Secretary was removed for paying lip service to environmental protection. Xi means business. Hastags! #carbons #chinasrise #climatechange #climatecrisis #environment #green #mahui, #china #DailyComments #xijinping Visit My Blog

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