BIDEN’S SURPRISING ADMISSION GOOD MORNING FROM LONDON #252 President Biden spoke at a press conference on 14 June 2021 “The last time NATO put together a strategic plan was back in 2010 when Russia was considered a partner and China wasn’t even mentioned”. So just 11 years ago the world’s most experienced strategic military organisation was completely unprepared for the rise of China. The significant failing by NATO/US/EU occurred because these three organisations were gripped by fundamentally flawed thinking. They saw China, its progress, its statistics, its achievements + dismissed it with a wave of the hand because they “knew” that China would go the same way as the old USSR. China’s Party would lose power — as the CP of the USSR had lost power — and the challenge of China would fade as China’s middle class gained political power at the expense of the Party. The World Would Be Safe Again The West allowed its prejudice against China to blur its thinking/analysis. China was never the USSR Mark 2. The West “got it wrong”. Fundamentally wrong. Are they getting it wrong again? Are they doubling up on their original mistake + for the second time making flawed judgments about China? The West observes China but it does not understand China. That is the fundamental problem that leads to a policy of confrontation, not cooperation. China knows how to defend itself but has no ambition, none at all, to become the new expansionist successor to the US. China’s success worries the West because it is bringing increasing prosperity to its 1.4bn people. China offers a new model for development to the rest of the world to consider. Hastags! #biden #chathamhouse #jacques #johnson #nolan #starmer #xijinping, #chathamhouse #china #DailyComments #johnson #politics #starmer #xijinping Visit My Blog


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